Oh, where the troubles begin.

Thr troubles are here. We have our “Happy Bus” but now we have a problem of where to put it. We have until May, that is when the lease is up on our apartment. We need to build the cabinets and couch but, we live in a very small apartment area. There is one road that leads in and out and almost no room for a bus that size, at least not to turn around.

I am trying to contact storage facilities that will let me build on the inside of the bus while having it stored there. I have received one reply to the 10 emails I sent yesterday. Going to call places tomorrow and see what it is going to take to finish my skoolie.

I plan on using the bookshelves that are already in my apartment and turn them into a pantry and more shelves for storage. We also need to add underbelly storage to the bus so we can carry batteries and tools. The gray water tank needs to be installed, as well as the pump.

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These are some of the design features we are thinking about adding. I have never worked on a project quite this extensive but I can’t wait to learn how. I will have five days to build it out at my parent’s cabin over spring break. At least then I know I will have help and access to all the tools I could need.

It is very frustrating looking for a place to keep it, but it is making me continue to look for solutions rather than get disappointed and decide against doing this. Any tips or recommendations for resources are greatly appreciated.


How can we make schools safe?

I watched a video the other day from a man who was trying to give good advice about how to handle school shootings, how to prevent them, and why.

In the video, the guy starts talking about what we could do to school to help prevent shootings. Metal detectors. We put metal detectors in other places to protect things we consider valuable such as jewelry stores, banks, and courthouses. In higher violence districts, they put up metal detectors in schools to help prevent children from bringing things to class they shouldn’t. So, why are we not putting metal detectors in other schools? Why do we put anti-theft devices in every store but not metal detectors in schools? Are people stealing items way more important than protecting our children?

We have armed guards in almost every place we keep valuables right alongside those metal detectors. So why not spend money to train some of the parents of our students to be armed guards for the school. Armed with only non-lethal devices preferably. This way the guards would be specifically trained on how to handle situations in and out of the building and able to receive immediate help by being connected to dispatch.

Have a basement under schools that would hold all the students in case of an emergency. Or at least change the emergency plans every so often that way when former students come back they won’t know where everyone is told to go because the plans were changed. I can’t stress enough that we are doing more to protect our money and our jewelry then we are in protecting our children.


Who made the decisions that put children at the bottom of the list?

Who is not giving enough money to our public schools so they can protect our children? And to do the most important thing that would help everyone out, TEACH our children.

I had several conversations after the shooting in Florida with people who equated hopes, dreams, thoughts, and prayers, to the teaching of children not to be mass murderers. Only through learning the value that is placed on life, skills to be decent people, and the imagination to create new solutions to our problems can we expect our children to not go around shooting people, or beating each other up on youtube and promoting the violence that we must hear about every day.

I hear all the time students telling me they hit each other because that is what their parents tell them to do. No matter if the other person hit them, said a mean thing or even just looked at them wrong, they are being taught to hit.


You as an adult cant think of anything better to teach your children other than hitting other people? You never learned how to ignore someone, or not care about what other people think of you.

A kid comes up to me and says “He said he didn’t like my hair!” And then the kid starts crying.

My reply ” Do you like your hair?”


“Then why do you care what they think? If you like your hair that is all you need. Don’t let someone make you feel bad because they say they don’t like it. It is not their hair and they don’t have to look at it every day, you do!”

Teach them the basics of kindness and respect. Teach them it is okay to be mad but there are ways that are better suited to let it out. Buy cheap things from the dollar store to have around in case your child is really upset and let them work out their anger by throwing them. We have anger rooms around the states specifically so people can let out anger without the danger of hurting themselves or others. Breaking things like plates and cups is actually very therapeutic.

Teach them that violence with people is not the answer.

Stop beating your kids silly and start disciplining them when they actually need it.  Stop telling your children they are owed everything in the world.

Teach them to work with others in a group and as a team so they are better able to handle the differences between personalities in school because you as their parent, their caregiver prepared them for life working with others rather than stepping on everyone.

I don’t know how people think teaching children to actually be people instead of disgusting violent vermin equates to only wishing and hoping our children turn out that way.

No matter the outcomes, and options, something has got to be done about the violence in all areas, not just school shootings. people are afraid to even send their children to school. I will be homeschooling mine later this year because I am tired of the discrimination, the hate, the violence on people.

We say the children are our future, but then we dont help them actually grow up to be that. This is a sad time we live.


The Journey begins here..


This is our BUS!! Forty-two foot of a bus. This is the outside, which will be painted when we go to pick it up. This is where our journey begins.

Found the bus on craigslist, showed it to my fiance and he finally gave an approval. I’ve been showing him Rv’s and trailers for a few weeks now and he hasn’t really liked any of them. He would say “Oh that’s nice”, or “Yeah that’s okay” but nothing that really jumped out  like he really wanted it. I had to make sure he was as comfortable as me about this huge step we were taking. It was going to be impossible to live with him if he didn’t enjoy the way things were moving.

I showed him the bus and he said: “Yes, that I could be down with!”. So I messaged the woman about the bus and discussed when we would come see it. I found out it was in a city that began with my fiance’s name. Oh okay, that’s cool. Then I was given the whole day off work because of a cough on the day I wanted to go look at it. So I get home and surprise my fiance and daughter. Make some mentholated satchels to breathe in while driving and we hit the road.

On our way out there, I received a call. It was from Scarborough Fair and they wanted my fiance and me to come in for interviews. Working at fairs is one of the ways we were hoping to make money on the side while traveling. I was so excited with the woman on the phone we couldn’t help but laugh.

We continue on towards the bus and when we get there, we met the most amazing people. This couple will be us in 20 years. The woman showed us around “The Happy Bus” and talked with us about what they put into it. what worked or didn’t or needed to be installed. bus1bus16

The roof is insulated and then covered with vinyl records and their sleeves. There are two big chairs right inside the door and an a/c unit across the way with a pull-out couch. Crocheted curtains made by the owner of the bus. A good portion of the curtains is burlap which will be replaced when I make new ones. The column of beer bottles is one wall of the toilet room. Those will be covered over or replaced. I’m thinking a little medicine cabinet can go there instead.

There is a purple composting toilet inside the toilet room with another crocheted curtain. The door to the toilet is beautiful. and the closet is right next to it. I may add a set of doors to the closet to give me more storage space on the door. The bottom of the closet we will add drawers to keep or smaller clothing items. I am still wondering how we will fit four peoples worth of clothes in there. Look like I am getting rid of a lot of clothes. 😦

This is the counter made of pennies and metal washtubs! This is right across from the closet. I don’t know how many pennies are there yet but I am sure my son will count them first chance he gets. The tub is huge and can fit my fiance inside. The water would come up to his neck if it was completely filled while he sat down, he is just over 6 feet tall. You can see part of the wood laminate floor in the living room area and towards the back is album covers.

This is “The Happy Bus” fridge. She was not done painting it so we will finish that for her. The road trip sign is above the back door and says “emergency exit” in English and Spanish and also has their initials in the bottom corner. She told me I could paint over her initials if we wanted. I told her no chance, I would only be adding our initials to it. I love the bus and the hard work they did. The window edges are covered in cut up VHS boxes.  I will have more pictures for yall later.

Now I need to figure out where we are going to keep our belongings that we cant put on the bus, and build all the extra shelves we will need. I will start making videos as well, especially during the building and painting. I need a pantry shelves cupboards and potentially a deck outside.

The couple selling the bus are hippie to the core. They shared all their ideas that they never got to incorporate into the bus and we are hoping to bring some of them to life. I plan on bringing food and having a painting party with them after paying for the bus. She has yarn balls she made that she wanted to dip into different colored paints and throw them at the bus!. So yeah we are totally doing that. We had all grown up around the same areas, we had very similar interests and hobbies and I have made my first Skoolie friend.

The universe spoke to us Thursday and it was AMAZING. Can’t wait to share my adventure with you.


Fertility, Love and …Whips

Valentine’s Day, the day of…beating women? A fertility rite performed by the Romans, way too long ago, called Lupercalia, or the Feast of Lupercalia. Men would kill and skin dogs and goats. Then they would dip strips of the skin into jugs of milk and draw a woman’s name and proceed to beat fertility into her. Women would line the streets waiting to be hit with this fertility giving skin strips and be paired with the man who did the hitting for the duration of the festival. They could stay with each other for longer periods if they felt the match was the right one. Oh did I mention they did this naked as well?


Around the 3rd century AD, suspiciously, Emperor Claudius put a ban on all marriages and engagements. unable to stop people from loving each other, one of the Valentines (there were at least 3 different men by the name all executed by the Emperor) continued marriage rites in secret. The Emperor found out and had the man beat with clubs and the decapitated.

The Catholic Church, in response to the brave man’s death, named the martyr St. Valentine and celebrated the Saint on Feb. 14th, the date of his beheading.

Later in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius merged both these holidays in hopes to squash the naked pagan rituals that would have naked people running in the streets.

Although no one can say exactly when Valentine’s day truly originated, it is very possible it became a melting pot of other holidays and then at some point lumped into this suspicious $18 billion dollar industry expected in 2018.

For some reason, people need to be told when to buy gifts for their loved ones, or when to express their feelings for another. When I moved out of my parents house, I decided to stop celebrating this day because it made no sense to me. I do not need a box of chocolates or a vase of flowers to know someone loves me. I mean honestly, you can buy me chocolate at any time and I will be just as happy.

Then there is the crowding. You know what happens when there is one holiday for love…Everywhere is booked, you get stuck in traffic, and spend half the time driving around town spending more money than you normally would for a random gift of love any other time.

Buy her something that makes you think of her. Buy her something she can actually use. Buy her things throughout the year to show love and appreciation. Ladies, this goes for you as well. You are not the only one in a relationship and they should not have to feel pressured to buy you all of these things on this one specific day. To me, that is not a form of love, but ya know to each their own.

If we spent more time LOVING each other rather than BUYING each other we wouldn’t be falling into this multibillion-dollar industry and making big companies richer. It’s just very suspicious we would let a company feed on our supposed love for each other and let them exploit that love by making more and more items that cost more each year and then make us feel like shit when we cant afford the new thing, because to them that means we don’t love our significant other.

Love your life every day, love your wife every day, love your husband every day love yourself every day, love your own way every day.

Daily Prompt – Suspicious



This was not my plan.

Everyday I tell myself “Today is the day, I will teach these student everything they want to know and get them behaving appropriately per school rules”, and yet everyday I struggle to find the balance between teaching what I believe and lecturing students with endless rules and procedures.

For some reason, it is as if they never got their hearing checked when a baby and everyone just kept passing them through different grades instead of stopping and making sure their child has all the tools necessary to be successful. Some of these kids are so smart, perhaps they are not being challenged enough, but when they come to my room, I don’t have a way of giving them harder work. Its a lot of writing and independent work given to me by their teachers.

Then other times when they are not doing their work, I have a social skills work book they must work on.  It gives very brief steps to follow in areas like : getting the teacher’s attention, making an apology, following directions.  All of these turn into lectures for my more unstable learners. I have to constantly repeat the expectation, constantly repeat the expectation, constantly repeat the expectation. You didn’t even like reading that did you? I also hate repeating it.

And then there is the fact that I can not give them any punishments or disciplinary actions for not doing their work or acting up in my class. What I can do is continuously call the admin and maybe they will talk with them, or maybe they will send them home for the day. That’s it. the children are not learning anything other than I can not do anything to them while they are misbehaving, so they just continue doing whatever they please.

Please do not get me wrong, I love these kids so much and I care about them, but how frustrated do you get when your child wont listen to you. At least you have the option of disciplining the kids as you see fit. I try showing these kids that we love them, showing them that I WILL listen to them and talk with them about family, trips, schoolwork, future ideas and plans. I help them when they need it. I have several students that just want to eat lunch with me so they can talk free of judgment and ridicule. Students that visit me every afternoon just to give me a hug. I love them. I just need new ideas on how to get them to listen and actually her what we are saying.

I don’t want to lecture. I want to help children gain understanding of the world around them experience. Some public schools just don’t offer teachers the freedom needed to really teach. That’s what I want one day. But for now I am getting closer and closer to my RV dream. I will spend the next few years teaching my children and being a mom first.

Daily Prompt – Lecture

Open the circle to thee

Air to the East,

I call to thee.

Come to my circle,

Lift me up free.


Fire to the South,

I call to thee.

Come to my circle,

Radiate through me.


Water to the West,

I call to thee.

Come to my circle,

Wash me clean.


Earth of the North,

I call to thee,

Come to my circle,

Ground me like the tree.


Four directions and elements beseeched. I conjure up thee to help me be free. Take your time, drink my wine, and in this magic, we will be divine.


Daily Prompt – Conjure



The right choice?

This past week was teeming with challenges and questions, not only about my career but my personal decisions for my family. Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to slow me down, or maybe it wants me to stop and think about what it is I am doing and making sure I have chosen my path accordingly.

My job enables me to work with the more difficult of students at times, and last week was definitely no exception. I was pushed beyond my safe boundary and had to have a child suspended because I could not help him with his behavior. This, in turn, makes me feel inadequate to fulfill my duties. However, as a public school employee, I am held to strict regulations and guidelines for which to handle the students. If they don’t fall in line with what the school is expecting then they have to be removed.

I have often thought about switching to private schools because you can do a lot more with the students and try new techniques in helping them understand their emotions and become better equipped to deal with them. In my school, we follow rules from one specific book. Any deviation is seen as an affront to the school policies.

I can not work that way. I have too much of a free spirit to be held by those standards.

This is why I am deciding to leave and start a journey on the road with my family. But even that comes with its many challenges.

As I continue to look for the perfect mobile home on wheels, I am confronted with so many options and choices. Do we get one we can drive, like a Class A or C RV, and have no other vehicle? If we go with one we have to pull we also need a truck to pull it. How cheap can we go to afford both of these things and still pay in cash? What is more comfortable for my family? If we have two vehicles, will we have the necessary income to keep up with insurance for both? What about tires for both or gas, and oil changes?

All of the questions keep me up at night. But then I have to realize, we need to make decisions based on what will make us comfortable and happy. This weekend I watched Expedition Happiness. It’s about a couple who buy a bus and renovate it to be a motorhome and go across Canada, then down from Alaska to Mexico. It didn’t focus so much on the journey as it did their personal experiences through it. having things so wrong with the bus leaking or overheating. Serious health issues for their dog and how they overcame that sudden feeling of wanting to kill the person next to you when you are so close for so long.

It also gave me my motto for our journey. “Don’t stress about what is going wrong, Focus on the solution to fix it”.

I have already started applying this to life now. My fiance loves to eat and twice this weekend at something I was planning for another meal. I was getting upset with him a bit for it. Then I realized, if I just go back to the pantry and fridge I can find new things to make and it forces me to be a little more creative with the food. Which is what I have been working on anyway. Good practice for those times we might not have much.

Right now as far as vehicles/Rv’s go, We are leaning towards a bus Titled “The Happy Bus”. I mean seriously how could it not be awesome. We have an appointment to go look at it Thursday. I think bus conversions are awesome, and this one is very hippie styled. With a little more paint and few cabinets installed I think it will be perfect for us. But that also comes with the question ” If we have a 40 ft bus are we really hooking another vehicle to the back of it”.

All of this is stressful, but not too much so that makes me want to stop dead in my tracks and give up. That is just not in my character. Take life as it comes at you one step at a time. And always remember “It’s you who makes the journey worthwhile, no one else”.


Daily Prompt – Permit

Would you permit someone to destroy your inner self?

Would you allow people to bring you off your shelf?

Everyday this happens, and no one seems to care

You turn your head or stop and stare.

The entertainment from watching,

Keeps you ever gossiping.

You live the lie, “Oh me, Oh my”

Never, never would I.

But there you are in the crowd,

Blowing smoke up to the clouds.

Why wont we just stop?

Burst their bubble make it pop.

Step between the victim and bully,

Let everyone be able to live their life fully.

Not worrying about being beat down,

Drugged and carried out of town,

Bruised and scared,

New teeth are barred.

Fighting a new war,

That we continue, never cure.

Why do you permit this behavior?

Wouldn’t you rather be the Savior?

Path before us (2).

Daily Prompt – Creature

I took his hand and on we went. Though the later it got, the light never faded. I glanced up and discovered a disk of white shimmering light hovering high above the trees. The moon was so bright I could see the skin of the creature, whom had my hand, as I glanced back down. Rough and semi translucent. Like a quick lie your friend has just told you, but still you try to believe that they are truthful.

Through the woods, we come upon a clearing. Only a small patch in an almost perfect circle. Lined with trees and more of these strange creatures lurking on the branches. I am led into the center of the clearing. The first creature has now disappeared behind the trees. I call out, “Hey! Where are you going? Hey!”. The wind blowing through the trees was the only response given to my cry.  Slowly, almost as if time was made out of molasses, the tree lurkers come down one by one.

The first one brings me piece of cloth woven into a symbol. It is strange and looks like it might have taken from a child’s drawing. The second brings me a pointed stick and on the tip of it was a black substance. Dry and chalky, easily removable but it did stain the wood underneath. I am stricken with a sense of uneasiness.

Why are they handing me these items? What am I supposed to be doing with them?

The third creature, smaller than the others, drags over a small chair. He points to the chair, perhaps indicating I should sit in it, So I take my seat. A flash of memories fill my head. It takes me back to school. Back to a time I thought I was pretty care-free. Nothing could bring me down. I made good grades, turned in my work, my teachers liked me. I had those thoughts that whatever I wanted in life, would kind of just fall on me.

The creatures who have just handed me items each point to the item they brought and then point to themselves. Do they want the item back? I try handing the cloth to the first one but he ran into the trees as soon as I stretched my hand out. Then moments later he came back with a very fine wood like needle and a larger stick (about the size of my forearm) with metal curved around one end of it. The metal produces a sharp wedge on the end of it. He holds the stick to the chair and points at both instruments.

Ohhh, they are now making tools and then making items using those tools. So the stick was actually a chisel like object used for carving wood items. I wonder if the had built homes this way as well.

Two of them take my hand and then lead me back into the woods. They still have not spoken any words to me. I am not even sure if they do speak. But then how would they communicate with each other?

I am led to a fallen tree in the woods. There are small scraps of metal laying on the ground. Next to the tree is a row of rocks, each of a different size. One of the creatures picks up the chisel he made and points it at the tree and metal.

“Wait, what? You want me to make this?”

He just stares at me. I try to walk past the creatures and into the woods. But I see them. I see them all lurking there, poised like they are preventing me from exiting.

He uses the chisel to point at the wood and metal again.

“But I don’t know how. I have never learned how to make tools!” They stand still staring. “How do I do it? What do you want me to do?”


Sometimes we feel lost. Like someone has just thrust us into this world without any explanation on how to do things. They believe they are teaching us, but what is it we are really learning?