Wordle – 192

When he looked at me, I could see the insincerity in his eyes. He did not have my best interests in his thoughts. But that hellish smile he portrayed across his bronzed face made my heart do a flip. Some people are quite hard to resist even when you know they will be a bad influence. It can be a debilitating feeling, knowing someone can look at you and make you do anything for them. Your mind goes to a faraway place where unicorns and rainbows are very prominent. You feel elated and happy someone is paying attention to you. You erupt in an explosion of joy before your brain turns back o and begins to become jangled up with thoughts of how this will end, why did it happen, and what it might say about you. You are frustrated and alone none with only radical thoughts of keeping your morals aligned next time. You will tell yourself you will never be an archetype for “That kind of girl”.


Standing in the rain


It starts like a normal day here, the clouds are rolling and the wind is whistling. Yet, still we never plan ahead. We stand outside on the driveway and open the car doors as they drop off their children. The kids get out carrying umbrellas and running inside while we continue standing there. Door after door we feel like this moose. Just standing in the water; no since in staying out of it since we are already so wet. It pours and pours buckets of water on top of us. By the time the bell rings to start the day and we are headed inside….it stops.


True story – luckily we have washer and dryers in one of our rooms and extra clothes that fit me in the nurses office!

“A New Way”

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!



In a small rural town there was a lonely old maid who needed something to do with her life towards the end. She was always helping people and since there were no public schools in the area close enough for the children to attend she set up her own home as a place to learn. She set out a blackboard in front of the house for students passing by to write on the board things they wanted to learn. So the next day she would have materials ready to teach about the different subjects. Each night she would wipe the slate clean ready for more activities for the student’s to write down. Several years after her death  the city set up a public school called “A New Way” and always let the students write down things they actually wanted to learn. They kept her memory and dedication alive.

Flash Backward

Flash Fiction


Photo provided by Dorothy!

“The National Convention is where it all started.” Anne said to Billy.

“But why did we come back here, to this point in time?” He asked

“I wanted to see her, for the first and last time. I need a face to remember her by.”

“You never told me your mother was on this ship Anne, It could be dangerous,” argued Billy.

Instead of arguing back with him I sat down on a bench overlooking the water and the boat that was to carry my mother off to her death. I wanted to reach out and call her name, warn her to get off the boat. By the time the thought entered my head, the whistle of the explosion began. They believed the boat was tampered with as it held Foreign nationals heading to the convention. I was only a few weeks old. I came back in a time machine to see her and now as the flames of the explosion are falling on the water, it is time for me to head back home.

Ye Merry Time

My life went downhill and then ran back up the hill so much this past weekend. Friday I found an empty bank account because someone hacked my PayPal account and took out several hundred dollars. My rent was due that day, I had insurance coming up and my storage rent for my bus. I was devastated. Called the company the money went through and got them to refund me the money but that would take until Monday (4/2) at the earliest. so I had an entire weekend with no money for laundry soap, no rent, no gas money except what change we could scrounge up. That night the in-laws took us out to dinner and tried cheering us up, and then my sister-in-law called and asked if she could buy our tickets to go to Renaissance festival. I started crying at CiCi’s.

It almost felt like the universe said: “Oh shit, wrong people, fix it, fix it”. I had never been to any other fair besides Scarborough and it turned out to be amazing. I networked with so many people my fiance’s family knows and they offered help and advice on any project I will be working on. They made me feel like a part of the Ren family. I still had no money but the experience I got to have and share with the kids was amazing! It more than made up for it and all thanks to my sister-in-law.

On our way home we stopped along the side of the road to pick wild onions and milk thistle. My son actually tried the raw wild onion and enjoyed it. I couldn’t have been happier for the life lessons we were learning. My son had so many ideas of things he wants to make one day and sell to other people. They were good enough ideas I actually wrote them down for him so he can continue his work when he is ready.

I also pulled him out of school. It’s a small known fact that after spring break the kids don’t really learn anything new and just spend their time reviewing and preparing for and taking tests. Its two months of no new skills. Why?

I had to inform the teacher and the principal it was not their fault but because of his behavior as of late being around those children. He had been teased and bullied and started doing it back to other students. Calling his teacher names and interrupting the class. Outside and actually being engaged keeps him so much more focused. He helped build the pallet wall to our bathroom on the bus. No problems. He had so much sugar Sunday at Avalon fair because of easter and he was good the vast majority of the time. He doesn’t have a need to misbehave he just cannot contain himself when he is indoors.

So homeschool here we come! My money is slowing trickling back into my bank account and my kids are in Oklahoma for a while spending time with their grandparents. A great time for them to be outdoors and learning! Hopefully, with the kids out for a bit we can get more done on our bus and get things packed and ready to go by the time summer is approaching. Gonna have to check out that air conditioner and see if I need a door or just a really heavy curtain inside the bus.

Just waiting patiently and going with the flow making sure my world gets turned upside right again.

100WW – To the other side

Photo by – Linus



In my dreams, it came to me. A portal to the other realm. I never once believed it real, but I searched for it still. Walking through the desert, on a starry night,  I looked towards the horizon and saw nothing, no light. It seemed odd to me to only see black. But when I approached the dark spot the light from my torch suddenly bounced back. In the glow, I saw the stones stacked tall and strong. I walked through the opening then glanced all around, the portal was opening now. I stepped right through to the other side.

Catch Me If You Can

FFfAW – Photo Fiction PromptFFAW

I was kneaded, rolled and dyed all green.

Put in the oven, I came to be.

After a while, it went beep, beep.

I jumped up and off the sheet.

Soon everyone chased after me.

They said they would catch me, but I was faster than the bees.

They said they would catch me, but I was swifter than the seas.

I ran along the finest breeze, I ran all the way from A to Z.

Finally, I am out of breath and mother didn’t catch me yet.

I laid to rest but soon got stuck, on a building feeling muck.

All green it was too, with cameras on glue.

Looking at me but never they knew.

That I was the green man running from you!

Now you can see me every day, but never will you catch me after today.