My life

25 year old mother of a gorgeous four year old boy and a beautiful daughter on the way 🙂

I have never formally blogged before, but decided it would be the best way for me to keep a personal journal as well as help to organize my life. I want to understand my daily duties and reveal to those how we can love living and not always find it a hassle. This is my main reason for doing this, to share greatness with the world and to help us live better with each other.

I have not lived the perfect life or even a life some would consider worthy, but it is my life and I treasure most moments…I want to start treasuring all moments. Life is always throwing stones at me and it seemed unnecessary, but I think I may not have been getting the true message from life.

I have loved and cheated, stolen and gave, argued and agreed. I am a person. You are a person, you are not perfect. So now let’s
Love the life we live and Live the life we love!


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