Hate does not Live here


Today I really wanted to tell someone I hate them and what they are doing to me. I had to stop and breathe and realize that the situation was in my control as well and it is not entirely their fault. I can not blame one person for my life going down the hill right now. Once I fall to the bottom, unless I get stopped on the way down and helped back up, there is no where left to go again except back up the hill!

Anytime we feel overwhelmed by a situation we need to check our reactions to the event and find out why we feel the way we do about it. It can be hard to place some or all the blame on ourselves because we love to follow a theory that anything good is because of us and anything bad is because of someone else. This is NOT true. We should not hate ourselves for getting in the position and we should not hate our partners. Turn the situation around as best you can.

Having a child makes the days so much better and you really have to focus on how you are feeling and reacting to situations. I could not walk around angry at other people all the time or sad because I hate myself for what I have done. It doesn’t work. Our children see more than we know and they react to it as well.

Lets keep the world happy, hate can not live here in my life anymore! Love Your Life 🙂


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