Sometimes we need to let it out!!!

It’s good for everyone if we don’t bottle everything up! We need to work on our communication skills and have daily and weekly scheduled talks with people, especially people who are driving your crazy 🙂

I had a very long and possibly hurtful talk with my bf. I felt he was seriously slacking with the responsibilities that now rest upon his shoulders. However, during the convo I made sure to try and tell him that I was still supportive of him and I didn’t think him worthless. I just needed him to know I don’t like his job and the way it keeps everyone apart. If we had all our bills paid and didn’t have things to worry about it may be different but we don’t.

Remember our significant others are people too and we all do the best we can with what we are given. Do not put all the blame or responsibility on them. Be in a relationship together and give it all you got. Not 50/50 but a whole 100/100 (trey and Leah marriage advice).


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