Falling backwards..

We are only human. Sometimes we fall backwards and return to the way things were rather than moving forward. As long as we realize we are moving backwards and are able to analyze the reasons, we can block those reasons to help ourselves get back on the path.

Just had a brand new baby girl! Well I’ve been trying to stay positive and my son has done wonders with helping and caring for her. However he still does four year old things like being loud and not paying attention to things. I started yelling again. He is four why should I feel the need to yell at him, ok sometimes it involves his sister and I’m terrified of him hurting her on accident, but I need to be calmer and realize that yelling may make him stop wanting to help and love on her. I do not want that to happen.

Counting and breathing need to become my best friends again. I am only lucky that I can see why I’m yelling and predict future consequences. Otherwise I may be lost in the void and continue to do the wrong things. I even encourage my son to help me know when I am being unreasonable and getting too loud. This way he has some control over what happens 🙂 I feel it will give him confidence in talking to me and telling me “how it is ” later in life. I do not want a child who hides everything from me because they are afraid I’ll get upset or mad.

My son helps me when I fall backward and we all need support. It’s like peer review. We sometimes can’t catch our own mistakes and we need others to tell us. Let’s keep moving forward!!


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