People assume that what you were like five minutes ago is what you will be like five minutes from now. However, this is not true. We are constantly changing. Synapses in our brains are always changing and this can affect the way we think and even the way we act. Most times the changes are so subtle you think you always thought like this, but other times it seems as though everything you once thought is now turned upside down.

Things like this especially happen during and after a major event or trauma in our life. It seems to only make sense that our way of thinking changes when we are faced with new, scary, and even exciting circumstances. Do not fault others for changing. We have to either accept their new views or try to change ourselves as well. Adaptation is a great defense and offense mechanism granting us the ability to keep moving forward.

Even after already being a mother with my first child, my thoughts and thought process changed even more when I became pregnant with my second child. This I can not help but felt that others like my SO should have accepted these changes and moved forward with me. It did not happen and now I am a single mother once again. Changes come and go and we are left forever marked by them. Adapt to the new ways and let go of the old, or make the old ways become new again.


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