Cleaning dance!

Cleaning can be such a wonderful activity.  I actually like getting up turning my tv to Pandora and just cleaning with my son.  Mostly we listen to toddler radio or my beatles station (based off the movie “across the universe”). It makes the day brighter and gives fun to a normally boring job. 

  It can even be exercise if done right.  Dance around while dusting or vacuuming! Or take breaks and dance to a song in between tasks,  or your favorite ones.  It’s always fun to stop and play hokey pokey :).  This gets the kids involved and makes better memories.  Kids will want to do chores and begin requesting them. 

Doing the chores helps teach our kids values ‘about’ life,  doing chores while dancing teaches them the value ‘of’ life and the joy you can experiencelb doing simple things that at first seem a bore. 

Live and love life. Today is the day to start.