Ive been away for a while, but moving can really take its toll especially with a newborn.  I’ve been feeling trapped lately due to my living situation. But I can’t see myself anywhere else anymore.  I love my family and now that i figure I’m starting where I’m at then it is time i freaky start getting schedules down and making sure my kids are happy and healthy.

My son may have ADD so it is important I get him on a schedule to help him focus more on daily activities.  Starting kindergarten in the fall,  he will need many more skills than just singing his alphabets and writing them.  Temper control is an important issue, one I’m most worried about.  His preschool teachers have never said anything about him getting angry in class but I might hear current stories in public school.
He is such a sweet boy,  I just have to learn how to help him stay sweet and figure the best ways for him to learn and achieve the very best he can be.
I’ve never been good at schedules, so this change not only affects him but me as well.  But will get our baby girl on a schedule early on.  Maybe this will help teach him what is expected of him and give him expectations of me as well.

It’s hard being a mom. I’m never sure what I should be doing, and with my school and the new baby (and sometimes a lack of motivation) i in get caught up in letting people run their own thing.  I need to change and be the mom I know I can.

I made his first schedule today.  A weekly schedule with the time slots filled from wake to bed.  Some of the activities may not take a long as I planned for or other events, but that just leaves room for flexibility.  Which is key to any good schedule, in my opinion. The next schedule will be foods to eat.  He is quite picky at my house and eats a select group of foods. I would like him to expand on this and add more variety.  Some days he can have his lovely cereal, but others we need oatmeal,  toast,  fruits and this forces me to get involved by cooking at least one or two breakfasts a week.
His schedules are almost as much for him as for me, and I will sacrifice any time to make my kids happy.