The year I lost.

2015-02-02 10.48.35Through the year, I filled my days with sleep, poor attempts at job searching and still trying to finish my bachelors degree. Wafting through life-like a smoked filled ghost. Never seeming to touch or affect anything. Resigning to my life as a possible homeless person in the near future was weighing heavily on my mind. Thoughts of self-destructive scenarios flowed through my mind as the hours and days ticked on by with no bright outlook, and all that from a known enthusiastic optimist. The bubbles of joy that once filled my emotional state were lost to me.

About halfway through the year, I ran out of money for school and could not return till I paid them money that was owed to the school itself. I felt like rock bottom came rushing up toward me as if the ground beneath feet suddenly plummeted past sea-level. The only thing that was saving me were my parents and their incredible love and help! I thank them everyday, although not enough out loud.

The year was a busy blur that seemed lost to me. I have begun clarifying my life, my thought, and my actions. I’m working a brand new job, working my way to a better me, and working my way to family beginnings. Please continue sharing with me my love for life, crafts, my children, and everything else close to heart. Share with my faults and failures in this ever changing journey. Most importantly, joins= me to help learn to LOVE YOUR LIFE!

P.S. My next few posts will highlight the bright areas of my lost year and will then move on to share the exciting adventures I have and will have while Loving My Life.


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