Transformations :0

During the year I lost, I worked on controlling my sons ADHD, pushing him through school, signing with my daughter (no she is not hearing impaired, we just love signing!), and discovering who I really am and what I want to do. First, I learned that controlling my sons ADHD was never gonna work and I needed a different strategy. Now we are learning how to MANAGE our ADHD. Simple word changes can help also change your attitude about how you feel towards your situation.


We have changed diets, or more accurately added to our diet restrictions. I do not make my son do this alone, I eat the food with him, however, I do allow myself extra sugary sweets because I am entitled to enjoy myself. So now we are low carb, no added sugars, no dyes, no anything else we don’t like as well 🙂 We stick to wheat and whole grain breads and flours. Stevia has entered my house along with crazy items like coconut flour, and almond meal. It has been quite an experience to say the least and a battle as well. Of course no five-year old wants to find out they can not have sugar or their favorite snacks. He even went as far to tell me “Mom, I don’t think this diet is working, I should probably eat sugar again. ” Hmmm, yeah I think you can have sugar, just in moderation and only during certain times of the day or week.


Adding more spiritual activities and rituals into the kid’s life can help increase their own awareness and provide support for beliefs. Because we are pagan there are many things we can do for each holiday and through the rest of the year as well. Planting seeds and making a fairy garden for Mayday and Beltane. Banishing emotion rituals during Samhain. Going on walks just to watch nature and discuss ways to care for it and treat it. I’m falling behind this year due to my increasingly full schedule. But we will not stop just because we fall behind. I myself am working on adding more spirituality to my daily life so I can help my children do the same.


Behavior affects not only your own self but also those who feed off your energy. May they be the people living in your house or the person standing behind you in line. My behavior and that of my sons is not the best it could be. We have made great efforts in ending the feuds that rise up between us and taking things one step at a time. It has been very up and down as only the best rollercoaster of life could be.  I hope in the days to come I can be even better as a mother to my children. One they do not hate, or fear, or want to hit lol.


Love. Isn’t that the whole point of my blog? Not that I am very good at this blogging thing yet. Especially since taking a long hiatus but I am come back with a new source of energy. Yep, you guessed it , love. I found a job I love and will continue for years to come so long as they let me. Subbing will just be my start. I’m going to finish my degree then get my alternative teaching certificate so I can teach in my own room. Haven’t fully thought about what I want to teach, maybe forensics to match my degree or seventh grade English because of my love of the students. There are many possibilities, but one thing I know for sure. I WANT to teach. It has helped me become a more patient and understanding person which will only help me more for transformation 3. Time management, planning, implementing, structure, all are important qualities I wish to posses better understanding of. Best of all for me is it meets my time requirements. Right now as a sub, I can work when I want, I get every holiday off with my children, and every weekend off for family time. I really couldn’t ask of anything greater.

I will continue to transform my love of life and all it has to offer. No more am I waiting for things to happen. I will make them happen. Recently I did something I never thought in a million years would occur. I got the courage and strength to ask my sons father out for a date. This is huge for me and helps me to further transform my love of myself and life and people who are dear to me.

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