Daily prompt – epitome

Prompt – Epitome

“Shut your mouth!” ….. “Why are you arguing with an adult?”

When I turned around, I knew she was the epitome of what was wrong with children and their teachers in these newer generations. This woman, who choose to serve her community by teaching children, was standing there screaming at him, while he had barely made an audible whisper.

Ok, I get it he was jumping in the hall, could have hurt someone including himself, but why are we screaming? We know nothing else to get the attention of thirteen year olds so we resort to the loudest machine possible on our bodies. There was no polite redirection first, no calling the student by name and showing them that you respect them enough to learn their name so he should respect you enough to at least turn around and listen. Just irate babbling from a supposed adult who was twenty five years older, at the very least, from this child. I was shocked and mortified. If we can not show calmness and strength how are we supposed to teach it to these children, and why are their parents not teaching it to them first. Schools care so much about testing and separating scores based on race rather than intelligence, that everyone overlooks the students and groups them only in categories, of going to pass and never going to pass students.

We need to re organize the way we approach students and our children so we can finally come together and have the ability to teach students rather than corralling them and just waiting for the bell to ring at 4.

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