Sharing Spirituality

Just a rant about teaching spirituality rather than religion. spiritualpath

Sharing spirituality is different than preaching religion. In a way, I want to give my kids the tools they need to guide themselves down their own path to discover who they are and what they believe. I’ve seen many post discussing the ways in which we are obligated to teach our children exactly what we believe because if we believe it then me must know without a doubt that it is the one true way and so we could not tolerate our children becoming beholden to other or “false” beliefs.

This just isn’t the way for me, because my own spiritual direction is not defined by normal parameters. I use the term “pagan” in company with other people but it is soo much more than that. I believe that we are each part of this vast world and we are connected by threads that attach to each event, word, and relation that steers our lives. I see connections as they are being made, not after. In my belief we are all practicing one religion that got screwed around the more people tried to spread it. (You know that game telephone, a rumor goes around the room and by the time it gets back to the person it is a completely different and usually funny or more rude version of the one that was given).

I want my children to follow their hearts not what I have drilled into their brains. Teach morals like compassion and respect, love and empathy. Show your children that being kind to the earth is the best way to protect it. Show them how we can love each other even with our differences. Throw a block party every other week or so, not just for big holidays. Have dinners with your surrounding neighbors to encourage community and conversation.

Any activities using my spirituality as a basis becomes just a lesson in creativity and imagination for my children. My son has learned about recycling and repurposing to reduce trash, but he really thinks about ways in which he can make the item better. He understands emotions from cool fire rituals we do together. And he understands his own body better due to meditations and some yoga. All of these are only tools to help him understand his self and the world around him without forcing beliefs on him.

My gods and goddess come mostly from the inner self but I do use Egyptian pantheons from time to time to give names to some emotions or wants. And hopefully soon I can help my son reach inside himself to talk to his god. Who knows if he will start feeling comfortable in a church or a mosque, as long as he feels comfortable expressing himself and sharing love with his family and neighbors, then I will know that I have done a good job.


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