Lots of people are outside right now grilling and partying with family, I am not excluded in this. However, I do believe we have lost sight of the significance this day. It is not a day to honor hero’s, it is not a day to thank of men and women for their service. It is a day of remembrance. It is a day to reflect on those who have passed and the reasons they did so. For many people this can be a hard time. The sweet elder next door whos husband passed away during a senseless war. She sits alone every day because he is no longer here. She watches as over time everything her husband was fighting for is taken for granted. The beautiful couple next door with their picturesque life. They are grieving the loss of parents who died in a war with showers of promises to return home from their superiors. The single mother next door whos baby has never gotten to feel his fathers touch because he was lost in a war and considered MIA. Never knowing whether he is dead or alive. These people are the ones we should be celebrating. Bringing a day of joy to their lives and smiles on their faces is the only thing we can do to numb the pain of loss. Even if for only a moment. Have your parties and drinks and good food, just don’t forget to invite those others who truly need a day out. Please remember to love your neighbor and your life!


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