What a night!

2016-05-29 21.21.22

Bowling for soup played last night and it was the first time I saw a performance I actually wanted to see. Sure I have been to a few shows, but they were things I went to mostly to appease friends and such, not really something I wanted. I have much more fun when I am doing things I enjoy and that is what my blog is about. Finding the things in life that you love because no one else is going to do it for you. You need to make YOURSELF happy before you can be happy with other people. Right now I am dating my sons father, and yes he can make me happy, but I am not relying on that to get me through the day. We are still in the very early stages, so there is a lot of separation where we do our own thing. People asked me last night why I didn’t invite him, and honestly, because I was going with my friends, not his friends, not our family, Just me and my friends. It is ok to have separate adventures from the people you are with.

I love doing things, whether spontaneous or planned as long as it feels good and right then I am going to do it if I have the means. Last nights concert was free!!! How much better can you get?? Free concert with one of my favorite bands from high school, still rocking it on stage. It was a very blessed night and frustrating as my baby kept wanting to run away from the stage area, and the other kids we were with kept spilling on the drinks , and not on us, but other people :(.

Sorry to those people whom my baby and friend spilled drinks on.

To better put it, I was happy. I did not need a giant group of people, I did not need a man, I did not even need all of my kids. Find the things away from your family that make you happy and do it!. Don’t sit here reading this blog, get up and get out. Face life and live how you want. LOVE YOUR LIFE.


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