The things we do each day, the way we fill our time, the steps we take to accomplish a task, all of these are repeated on a daily basis. It is once said that routine makes us happy. However, they fail to tell us that we must have the right routine or the happiness will fade. If my routine was to buy drugs every week and crack out while my kids played around the house, never cleaned, and yelled at them for things beyond their control, I don’t think any happiness could survive in that way. So, we change.

My routine normally involves a few choice addictions such as my coffee and Facebook in the morning. However, I start noticing times where I seem to be always distracted with my phone and other objects and not distracted enough by my kids. I feel like a horrible mother after realizing we did nothing productive and I may have even ignored my children. So, we change.

How many times have you told yourself you are going to change and then never remember to do so later? I’m going to be calmer. I am going to be patient. I’m going to be better at yoga. Whatever it is, we only stick with it for 3-5 days before it is back to our same way. So, we change.

Using our phones as alarms to remind us of the things we need to do or remember each way is a fantastic idea. You can use your premade alarms and add descriptions to them telling your self to be calmer and more patient. Set alarms telling yourself to put the phone down and enjoy your children. Set screen time limits for yourself as well as your children. Set reminders to make them play outside.

Whatever you need you can do by allowing yourself to use resources to make changes and continuity with your life easier. Maybe routine does make us happy, we wont know until we actually have routines. So, we change.



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