New Year, New Beginings

Not every year we are grateful for new beginings. We see the new year as a time for the continuation of bills, more money for back to school supplies, stress over filing taxes and the cold weather we recieve finally here in Texas. However, my grateful attitude towards the end of last year followed by my enthusiasum to continue working towards my goals has given me many blessings.

I have begun a new job working with children others have deemed bad or angry and finding new ways to work with them to achieve a heightened sense of self awareness and coping skills to handle those times we all get frustrated. I have a great many goals and wishes I want to come true this year and will continue working on them.

People ask me how I do this. How do I have the energy to keep moving every single day? This is just how I wake up. This is who I want to be and this is who I am always pushing to be. People wanted my enthusiasum in their classrooms when I was a sub. They wanted and needed someone with the ability to keep up with the younger kids, and someone young enough to bond with the older kids. I never came to school with a frown, I never showed my frustration with my students, unless it was absolutely warranted. And even then it was not a yelling match as I have seen other faculty members engage in with their students.


Try starting everyday with a smile and good attitude and keep people around you who will keep your mind in a positive attitude. I have a wonderful boyfriend who reminds me to be grateful for things I recieve and supports me in decisions I make. He is always there and wants to talk when I am upset even if I dont want to. I know he is there for me and I wouldnt trade him or my kids for anything. They keep me happy, which helps me to achieve my dreams.


Try it 🙂




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