Those small voices

There is a small voice that I hear, but sometimes it is not so clear. It gives me strange feelings that I don’t always understand. I sit and listen and try to hear it. I meditate on the thoughts I get, but blurry images are all that is seen. Until the voice grows louder and louder, then there is no way to ignore it. The phone that rang, I knew who it was. The letter that came, I knew where it was from. But how? How did these inklings grow to be so much more than just a voice in my head. Years I have heard them but only recently understood them. That inner voice knows so much more than me. But how? Pictures are no longer blurry, messages are loud and clear. I have listened to them, so they give me more. Thoughts bounce around so often, I have to get them out before they are gone. It guides me to better self. Granting me visions of later years, now I must figure out how to get there. Telling me stories , or giving me fear now I must figure out why they are here. These inklings have saved my life. But how? where do these inklings come from. They have made me stop when I want to keep going. They have made me do things I wouldn’t have dreamed. They drive me to a better me, a me in which I would have never seen.

Daily Prompt- Inkling

A few weeks ago, right before Christmas, my fiancé had picked me up from work. We were planning on going home and resting. But the sound I heard from our car, gave me a sudden chill. I told him no matter the cost, stop right now and get new brakes. We got them then headed to the lake to see his dad for some tools. As soon as we pulled in the parking spot….our right brake fell off our car. Had we been going home instead, we would have lost our brakes on the road. Me and my two kids and fiancé could have been seriously injured had we not stopped. Something made me tell him to and I am glad I listen to those voices in my head.


One thought on “Those small voices

  1. I am glad you heeded your inner warning. Your guardian angel was watching over you. Hubby trusts my instincts and says if I say not to go a particular way home, we don’t. I can;t explain it. I have similar ‘vibes’ with people.


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