Round Edges


When we start out, we are nothing more than a corner. A rounded edge piece with only two connections. We are connected to our parents. Then we grow, adding more and more connections. Piece by Piece. We are always puzzled by our size. Every day wondering “Is this where I end?” and “How big is the picture?”  We never know until we are finished. Some will finish as a 50 piece puzzle, Others may be 5,000. We find our boundary first, and fill it in from there. Piece by Piece. But what if my piece, connects to his? What if her piece connects to yours? If you could see the biggest picture of all, it would be comprised of all those lives. From sea to the river, mountain to the valley and pole to pole. Puzzling it may be, but connect to each other we should. Just find the right piece and you will see. The world is so much bigger than you and me. We were once a rounded edge, with only two connections. Now we spread across the world leading to perfection.

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