My blog

This is for my personal use so I can remember the good things and stay positive each day! I would love to share this with everyone so they too can learn to live life each day with love!


I’m a full time mom, two wonderful kids!! I’ve gone thru much in my life but I am pretty grateful some of it has been great! I’m a peace freak and want to spread love and joy. I am also pagan although not confirmed because I have not been able to spend a full year and day in learning. Although, I have been learning and slowly practicing since I was 14.

I love reading and writing and being crafty and creative. Baking is one of my many passions as well. I love being in a kitchen and go crazy when things don’t turn out right. I play all day with my kids and go to school so one day I can provide the best life and education for my little ones. I try to spend as much time with my son as possible and catch myself all the time from getting to angry or upset. One day we were in the kitchen and I was frustrated by the mess he was making and he said “mommy, sometimes people make messes” it was the best thing I had heard in my life! Now we make messes in the kitchen all the time 🙂


Will add more to here later 🙂


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