I try not to send my son to school hopped up on sugar, but we love pancakes! So sugar-free syrup with whole wheat pancakes (don’t tell him some have zucchini and carrot in them!) and we always try to have some kind of fruit in the morning. Our favorites are grapes, strawberries, blackberries, pineapples, and peaches. I discovered those mini pancakes made in mini muffin tins and sometimes we make a large batch and have several of our favorite toppings including sugar-free chocolate chips.
Have you ever tried buying sugar free foods and ever looked in the ingredients. Half the things (especially gums and yogurts) have aspartame in it. Yeah, the cancer causing sweetener that the food industry discovered. Artificial sweeteners are so bad for you but they are in soooo many things. Why? Cheap and easy and can be mass produced. So in our sugar-free haze we soon learned that it didn’t mean just reading the sugar content in the nutrition label but the ingredients as well. Meats….added sugars. “Healthy” cereals….added sugars.
I felt as if we were going to drown. Drown in syrups and carcinogens.
Even if I read the labels and try to find sugar free foods most are still sweetened with something ( honey, agave nectar). These are all natural but for a five year old boy with ADHD these still add tons of sugar to his diet.
The only way to try and get the least amount of sugar with any food is by preparing it yourself. This went right along with my personality because I love making food and cooking for my family. It has always seemed the thing to do, but I needed a real push to get me going. And this was it.
Pancakes (any baking) – make with stevia or just add fruit
Get fresh meats from your butcher
Grow your own veggies and fruits or get locally farmed ones
White pastas , bread and potatoes are a no no. (act as simple sugars in blood spiking the glycemic index faster than sweet potatoes)
No Added Sugars ( should not be within first five ingredients or at all 🙂 )