Catch Me If You Can

FFfAW – Photo Fiction PromptFFAW

I was kneaded, rolled and dyed all green.

Put in the oven, I came to be.

After a while, it went beep, beep.

I jumped up and off the sheet.

Soon everyone chased after me.

They said they would catch me, but I was faster than the bees.

They said they would catch me, but I was swifter than the seas.

I ran along the finest breeze, I ran all the way from A to Z.

Finally, I am out of breath and mother didn’t catch me yet.

I laid to rest but soon got stuck, on a building feeling muck.

All green it was too, with cameras on glue.

Looking at me but never they knew.

That I was the green man running from you!

Now you can see me every day, but never will you catch me after today.



Daily Prompt – Permit

Would you permit someone to destroy your inner self?

Would you allow people to bring you off your shelf?

Everyday this happens, and no one seems to care

You turn your head or stop and stare.

The entertainment from watching,

Keeps you ever gossiping.

You live the lie, “Oh me, Oh my”

Never, never would I.

But there you are in the crowd,

Blowing smoke up to the clouds.

Why wont we just stop?

Burst their bubble make it pop.

Step between the victim and bully,

Let everyone be able to live their life fully.

Not worrying about being beat down,

Drugged and carried out of town,

Bruised and scared,

New teeth are barred.

Fighting a new war,

That we continue, never cure.

Why do you permit this behavior?

Wouldn’t you rather be the Savior?

Symphony of empathy

lost love

A loss. Your loved one is now gone. The sound of the symphony fill your ears.

“Hello, Goodbye, Are you alright?” The chatter never ending.

Their sympathy just beginning.

You want the world to stop. You want to be forgot.

But still they come, constant reminders.

A loss. Your loved one is now gone.

They say they understand, they will help with any command.

But still they will not leave. They come and bring you food to eat.

Their sympathy unnerving.

But to whom are they serving?

A loss. Your loved one is now gone.

Hold my hand, Ill lead you to the darkness of your room.

Lay in here, until its clear, the light will be back soon.

Ill stay in here, Ill just be near. I empathize with you.

Open your ears and listen to me.

My symphony of empathy.

Ill let you wallow until you swallow,

The pain that we feel.

And only then will it be real.

You’ll find the world has left you behind.

People moved on, your loved one still gone.

Oh wait..

It’s your funeral I am at today.

Daily Prompt – Sympathize


A little hole in me

A cavity in my heart from a love I once lost.

A hole in my brain from a memory I forgot.

I once believed in you, now a fairytale I outgrew.


The cavity sat in wait. Digging deeper.

The pain I felt in heart and head. Getting Bigger.

I wandered around, painfully picking

At the wound in my heart, upsettingly sticky.


I went for advice, they gave me great words.

I needed to pull you, up from my head.

Now a hole sits, waiting for its next fix.


I filled it in with thoughts of him.

Bad memories becoming slim.

I am a believer once again,

Eternally with my best friend.


Daily Prompt – Cavity


Stifled Myself

Walking down the street at night,

I did not see your face in the light.

Walking past my lifelong dream,

I did not see you, now I want to scream.

When we were young, I was oblivious,

Much too stupid and often curious.

I went past you once again,

To find out I’d lost a friend.

Growing, Growing, never knowing,

My stifled youth was my own doing.

Midway through I finally knew,

All I needed, My thoughts on you.

I finally saw you on that night,

Your face in all my lights.

My breath is stifled for new reasons,

Your hand in mine through the seasons.

Love like this is oh so powerful.

Daily Prompt- Stifle





Wild Things

As I lie in bed, prolonging the inevitable,

I hear the sounds of the wild things.

Running and stomping,

never ending,

I close my mind to the sounds, roll over,

trying to catch a dream.

Then the trilling sounds of screaming,

vibrate through my bones.

The quest of sleep gone now,

I force myself to open my eyes,

The sounds of the dream still running,

When I notice my kids screaming and yelling.

The trilling sounds I thought were a dream,

Just my children, being wildly free.


Daily Post – Trill

The spell of blogging

typingBaWMy fingers hurt so much they bleed, from the marrow it does seep.

Crunching sounds listlessly drumming, against the fan, its constant humming.

Letters are floating about the page, endlessly as I engage.

Mouth stretched wide, wide, wide, while the light goes off to hide.

This eerie feeling I cant quell, as words capture you like a spell.

You make me (part 1)

You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me smile and sometimes I sigh. I never knew what life was like until I didn’t have you by my side. My Words are broken and sentences slurred, my goals were shattered and life a blur. I fought through the storm and out I came, to be one with you in love and name.

Steady River

Steady, steady, flowing,
The water flowing over me,
Calming me.
Waiting, waiting for the time,
The time to come and go,
Calling me.
Picking, picking, pick me up
Up, up, and away.
Never floating far away.
Rolling, tumbling, through the wade
wading closer to you
And now I think I found the truth
The truth was always you