Cook w/ all your love

Why do we cook? To feed our loved ones, to nourish our bodies, to heal our mind and spirit. These are reason why I cook. I try to cook at least once a day during the week (so typically dinner) and two to three times each day during the weekend. cookloveI cook for safety (I know which ingredients I put in). I cook for relaxation. I cook because it makes my heart happy to do so. I want to share all my cooking experiences whether good or bad to you so you too can cook w/all your love. Not everything I try becomes a masterpiece, and sometimes it might not even be worthy to feed the trashcan. But the experience me and my kids gain while cooking cant be beat by a delish meal, although that is always rewarding.  Just remember that if you love doing it then it doesn’t matter if your the best at it as long as it makes you happy.